Trash Tribe

Trash Tribe


We journey to remote locations to remove marine debris and coastal pollution – these are our Trash Tribe expeditions.

In 2017, we’ll be returning to Cape York with a new Tribe – join our mailing list to find out when applications open for the next journey.

In 2015, our Trash Tribe journey to Chilli Beach, Cape York removed over 3.1 tonnes of marine debris from six kilometres of coastline. The Tribe then returned home to create individual projects to share their experience with their home communities.

Trash Tribe expeditions are how we clean up our oceans and coastline. In 2017 we’ll return to Cape York with a new Tribe. We’ll also be adding new destinations – keep an eye out for announcements in the new year.

A big thanks to Tangaroa Blue who help make many of the Trash Tribe expeditions possible.

Watch the Trash Tribe film here

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  1. Keen to stay in the loop of your expeditions, im based in adelaide. discovering sa’s rural beaches slowly across the weekend missions. love your work (and your content)

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