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Product Description

Add some island luxe to your bathroom with our Island Bamboo Toothbrush Set.

Made in collaboration with Australian brand GotWood Toothbrushes, the Island Bamboo toothbrush set comes with two premium bamboo toothbrushes featuring our signature fish and surfboard icons – give one to your besty or keep both for yourself! Once you brush with these, you’ll never want to go back to brushing with plastic again.

Available in Medium bristles.


100% biodegradable Mao bamboo handle 
Nylon bristles
Fully compostable packaging

We recommend changing your toothbrush every three months – when you’re ready to give yours the flick, simply remove the bristles (these go into your rubbish bin) and toss the handle into your organics bin or compost.

Why bamboo in the bathroom?

The average person uses 4-6 toothbrushes a year, and if they’re made from plastic, each of these toothbrushes will take up to 1,000 years to break down. You’d be surprised how many toothbrushes we find on beaches!

Switching to bamboo for your daily teeth scrub means that your pearly whites aren’t contributing to increasingly scarce landfill space, and are keeping plastics out of our waterways and oceans.


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