ECO. Modern Essentials: Natural Beauty

ECO. Modern Essentials: Natural Beauty

What we put on to our bodies, is just as important as what we put in!

We’re a big believer in treading lightly on this planet and creating a lifestyle that is healthy for you and the environment. Here we chat with ECO. Modern Essentials, another supporter of this year’s Trash Tribe Cape York Expedition about natural beauty.


Tell us about ECO. Modern Essentials and the vision behind the brand.

ECO. Modern Essentials are the specialist in natural and organic oil formulations for face, body and wellbeing. The ECO. brand embodies women who are engaged with their world; are active, healthy and love to look after themselves with natural, local and organic products. We understand the need for women to have products they can trust; simple, natural, effective skincare that can be easily tied into their busy routines. Our products range from healing face serums to nourishing body oils, to pure essential oils to a certified organic baby range. We’ve also recently expanded further into the wellbeing category with a series of superfood powders! We are constantly innovating and always looking for what else we can bring to our customers and to the industry.

ECO. embodies vibrant, active and healthy living, so the brand goes further than just skincare, we want our customers to use our products as one of the many cornerstones to leading a healthy and natural life. We know how busy the modern woman is as well, so the ECO. brand is all about simplifying skincare regimes with effective, accessible products you can trust.


What we put on the outside of our body absolutely effects the inside of our body.


It’s scary some of the chemicals used in cosmetic products, why is it so important to use natural and organic products on our skin?

What we put on the outside of our body absolutely effects the inside of our body. More and more we are becoming aware of the kinds of food we eat and where they come from, as we understand the correlation that has with our physical wellbeing. However, it works the same way for the products we use on and around our body as well. I don’t believe we fully understand the impact nasty chemicals and ingredients are having on our bodies yet, but we know it’s not good.


Do you think there is an increase in the number of consumers seeking all-natural and organic products?

Absolutely. We have seen a huge shift in the number of consumers beginning to become more conscious in their purchasing decisions when it comes to skincare. We have particularly noticed this in other countries around the world – export is a huge part of the ECO. brand and we have noticed this only continue to grow as more people around the world begin to look for safe, natural alternatives for their family.


Why is it important for ECO to produce their products in Australia?

Made in Australia has always been the heart of the ECO. brand – there’s never been a question about moving it elsewhere. Besides supporting our local businesses and industries, manufacturing in Australia also ensures the best possible quality for our products.


ECO. has had numerous environmental initiatives previously, and is now also a supporter of this year’s Trash Tribe expedition to Cape York – why is it important for ECO. to support environmental projects? What are some of the initiatives you’ve supported in the past?

ECO. focuses on natural and organic ingredients and products, so caring about the outcome of the environment has been very important to us. We launched the ECO. Clean Beach Initiative in 2013, a national campaign aimed at educating young people about the issues facing our oceans and how they can be a apart of positive solutions. We have worked closely with a number of local grassroots organisations to support environmental conservation efforts.

It also comes down to the small decisions we make every day and being aware of the impact we’re having. This might be purchasing bottles that are of the highest recyclable grade, or supporting local businesses wherever possible.


Hopefully as more and more businesses switch to more eco-friendly options, it becomes more financially viable for everyone.


What challenges do you see businesses face in shifting away from plastic packaging? 

As a company, less than 10% of the products we produce are bottled in plastic. In the 2016/17 financial year we shipped over 1 million products in glass bottles, and only 90,000 in plastic. The plastic we use is of the highest recyclable grade possible. We are working on a new product collection as we speak and ensuring we have the least amount of packaging possible is at the top of the priority list.

In terms of more businesses reducing their plastic usage, I think that will ultimately come down to it being good business. As mush as many people want to make the right choices by the environment, we’re all fighting every day to keep our businesses alive and to do well, so it needs to be smart business too. Hopefully as more and more businesses switch to more eco-friendly options, it becomes more financially viable for everyone.


What positive changes would ECO. like to see in the Australian and international wellbeing industry?

We would love to see the shift in consumers moving to natural alternatives continue to increase. We would also love to see the continued growth of the “indie beauty” movement. There are more and more consumers looking to smaller brands and start-ups for their skincare and beauty products, rather than huge international brands with multi-million dollar marketing budgets. The indie beauty movement is good for everyone – it drives innovation, encourages collaboration, and increase awareness for natural and organic products.


You can check out the ECO. range on their website:

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