Trash Tribe

We journey to remote locations to remove marine debris and coastal pollution – these are our Trash Tribe expeditions.

In 2017, we’ll be returning to Cape York with a new Tribe – join our mailing list to find out when applications open for the next journey.

The Castaway

Created in collaboration with Summersite, The Castaway was an advertising campaign presenting ocean pollution styled as a fashion editorial. Featured in Summersite Magazine, Yen, Dumbo Feather, and Paper Sea Quarterly, the campaign was a creative way to bring the issue of marine pollution to new audiences.


Dirt roads, palm trees, crocodiles and new friendships – that was the 2015 Trash Tribe expedition to Chilli Beach. Captured by Sophie Matterson and Angus Kennedy, we share the Tribe’s journey through film.

Watch the film now.