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Product Description

It’s time to give your smoothie or cocktail the straw it deserves.

We put the best ingredients into our drinks every day, only to sip them down through a cheap plastic straw. Made from polished gold-plated stainless steel, the Pacific Gold straw set adds a touch of bling to every drink.

Each set comes with two straw sizes – a slim straw for light drinks (juices or cocktails) and a wide straw for thick drinks (smoothies or shakes). Stored in a slim kangaroo leather clutch handmade in Tasmania by Georgie Cummings, this set will fit perfectly in your handbag or back pocket.

Available in Natural Sand and Midnight Black leather.

1 x slim straw
1 x wide straw
1 x handmade natural-dyed kangaroo leather clutch
1 x cleaning brush


Why bling your drink?

Think about how long you use a plastic straw for – 5, 10 minutes? Maybe 30 minutes if you’re really savouring your drink. That plastic straw, which was manufactured from petroleum, shipped around the world, placed in your drink and then used for 10 minutes, will now exist for at least 100 years. Doesn’t seem right, does it?

Plastic straws are among the top 10 items found on our beaches. Switching to the Pacific Gold straws stops plastic straws clogging our landfills, and entering our waterways and oceans. And they look damn sexy too.

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Midnight Black, Natural Sand


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