Organic Linen Produce Bags Set of 3
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Organic Linen Produce Bags


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Product Description

Add some luxury linen to your daily grocery shop with our 100% Organic Linen Produce Bags.

Sold in a set of 3, these Australian-made linen bags let you remove plastic bags from your shopping trips. Use them in the fruit and veg aisle for items like mushrooms, spinach leaves, apples, or take them to your bulk food shop for to buy nuts and grains. Heck, we might even just start tote-ing these to carry our wallet and sunnies!

Made in Australia from 100% organic linen, featuring hand-stamped Tasmanian vegetable-dyed kangaroo leather detailing.

Australians use 5 billion plastic bags a year, with 150 million ending us as litter on our land and in our waterways. We say, who needs plastic when you have linen?!


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