We started Clean Coast Collective because we were blown away by the amount of plastics in our oceans and on our beaches.

We want to stop the flow of plastics and pollution into our oceans. And promoting a lifestyle that replaces disposable plastics with timeless reusable accessories is our way of doing this.

But while we’re creating a consumer movement that stops plastic at the source, there’s still over 5 trillion of pieces of plastic floating in our seas. That’s why all profits from our product sales go directly to funding our clean up projects and awareness campaigns. Projects like our 2015 Trash Tribe expedition which removed over 3 tonnes of rubbish off Chilli Beach in remote Australia.

This means that when you buy a Clean Coast product, you’re not only reducing the waste you personally create, you’re also helping clean up the mess already in our oceans.

Thanks and see you on the beach,
Nat + Dan